Sulphite Lye Solution
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Lignosulfonates are a very effective and economical adhesive, acting as a binding agent or "glue" in pellets or compressed materials. Lignosulfonates used on unpaved roads reduce environmental concerns from airborne dust particles and stabilize the road surface.
Lignosulfonate prevents the clumping and settling of undissolved particles in suspensions. By attaching to the particle surface, it keeps the particle from being attracted to other particles and reduces the amount of water needed to use the product effectively.
Lignosulfonate stabilizes emulsions of immiscible liquids, such as oil and water, making them highly resistant to breaking.
Lignosulfonates can tie up metal ions, preventing them from reacting with other compounds and becoming insoluble. Metal ions sequestered with lignosulfonates stay dissolved in solution, keeping them available to plants and preventing scaly deposits in water systems.

Technical Index:

Lignin content: 65% min
Deoxidizing Matter Content For concrete industry,12% max
As bond in refractory industry, 12% min
Moisture: 7.0% max
PH Value: 5-9
Water Insoluble: 1.0% max

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